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Review: Odell Tree Shaker


On a quest to find the perfect peach beer, we knew we needed a peach IPA in our life – not a peach wheat (oh hey, Wheach), not a peach lambic, but a peach IPA. The fact that we stumbled upon Tree Shaker, an imperial peach IPA by Odell, made it even better.


A quick Google search let us know Odell, a Fort Collins, Colo. craft brewery, doesn’t distribute  in Illinois, and not even Wisconsin either. This left us with one option: Minnesota, when Megan was home for a weekend in late May. But when she found out that Minnesota liquor stores aren’t allowed to operate on Sundays, per state law, she was out of luck. That’s when mama dearest came to the rescue and bought a couple of bombers from a small liquor store right on the Minnesota border and shipped them off to Chicago for us to enjoy.

And enjoy we did.


Odell brews Tree Shaker with 3000 pounds of pureed peaches. The imperial IPA possesses a lightly citrus hop flavor and subtle peach sweetness, hiding its 10.1% ABV well.  We particularly loved its label  featuring a tall, skinny bearded man shaking a peach tree like a polaroid picture.

Long story short, we liked everything about this beer, from the flavor to the artwork to the bomber size – well, everything besides its distribution map. You win some, you lose some.



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